Board of Directors and Advisors

Mark Lacek

Board member Mark Lacek is Co-Founder of Accessibility360 and Bonfire Partners, LLC (formerly, OlsonDenali). Mark co-founded The Lacek Group Worldwide in 1993 as its Chief Executive Officer. He is a pioneer in the loyalty-marketing field with over 20 years of marketing experience. He was co-founder of and served as its Chief Executive Officer and President. Mark co-founded, out of heart-felt passion, the non-profit Faith's Lodge.

Gerry Hansen

Board member Gerry Hansen currently serves as Vice President of Cloud Platforms at Granicus (formerly, GovDelivery), the leading provider of cloud-based government software solutions. Before Granicus, Gerry co-founded N'compass Solutions, Inc., a technology consulting and services company. As an accomplished leader with an excellent track record of helping companies reach their goals, Gerry has helped companies through integration of business and technology capabilities and has led efforts through three acquisitions. 

Scott burns

Advisor Scott Burns was the CEO/Co-Founder of GovDelivery for 17 years growing the company in the U.S. and Europe to over 1,200 public sector clients and 240 employees. GovDelivery was sold to Vista Equity Partners and merged with Granicus in 2016. Scott brings expertise in finance, product, marketing, and sales in high growth companies. 

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Alice seagren

Advisor Alice Seagren is the former Commissioner of Education for State of Minnesota, served in the Minnesota House of Representatives for 10 years, and brings 30 years of educational administration background to the role of advisor.


Advisor Dr. Nick Van Goor has built his career on the creation of value from data. He currently heads up the data & analytics group for Honeywell Connected Homes. Nick brings experience from a wide variety of verticals, including Manufacturing (IoT), Financial Services, Healthcare, Marketing, and Telecom.