Superintendents and Principals

Equip your students, parents and counselors with a tool to drive higher graduation rates and post-secondary achievements. Use data along with personal expertise to guide students towards actions that lead to success.

Student Progress Tracking

UR Turn provides each student with a forecast on likelihood of graduation and admittance into college. A unique algorithm uses the student’s record in combination with the records of thousands of other students to produce a forecast for that student to graduate and gain admittance to college.


UR Turn reports on student progress so that counselors can identify and work with students falling short of success. A What If tool allows the counselor and student to see how student actions can improve the likelihood of success.

Use Resources Where Most Needed

UR Turn’s algorithm produces forecasts that show the most likely to succeed and the least likely to succeed. With this insight, schools can deploy their scarce resources where they can make the most difference resulting in higher graduation rates and entrances to post-secondary education.