Board of Directors

Gerry Hansen

Board member Gerry Hansen currently serves as Vice President of Cloud Platforms at Granicus (formerly, GovDelivery), the leading provider of cloud-based government software solutions. Before Granicus, Gerry co-founded N'compass Solutions, Inc., a technology consulting and services company. As an accomplished leader with an excellent track record of helping companies reach their goals, Gerry has helped companies through integration of business and technology capabilities and has led efforts through three acquisitions. 


Aimee is a passionate champion for the power of information and, over her 28 years in education, witnessed how data can be used to empower people to make the right decisions opening doors for success of all students in school and beyond. Aimee founded and was CEO of the Data Quality Campaign (DQC) for over 13 years; she changed the conversation in education around data. A respected thought leader in education, Aimee was named one of TIME's 12 Education Activists of 2012, is a Pahara-Aspen Education Fellow


Dr. Amanuel Medhanie

Dr. Medhanie is co-founder and data scientist at Parsimony, responsible for the vision and strategy behind Parsimony's services and growth. Amanuel has a Ph.D. and Master’s degree in Quantitative Methods in Education from the University of Minnesota and is an accredited professional statistician (PStat®).

Emily Peyer Scott

Emily has helped bring technology solutions to schools for 13 years. As the former Operations Director and General Manager at TADS software company, Emily built healthy business processes, operational efficiencies, and strong cultures. She has first hand experience with acquisitions and mergers in a leadership role. Her knowledge of the market coupled with her small business experience makes her a valuable addition to the team.

Quinn Montgomery

Quinn Montgomery was the leader of four start-up technology companies, including three successful educational technology companies. He has 20 years of experience delivering technology solutions to educational organizations from preschool to graduate school. Currently Quinn is a 6th grade social studies teacher at Brooklyn Middle STEAM School, providing the unique perspective of a teacher who works directly with students. He has been an advisor to URTurn since 2017 and also advises several other startups.