UR Turn VISUALIZES a PATH to Graduation and to College

— Giving STudents, Parents and Counselors meaningful insight into the Student’s progress toward their educational goals

 The winding path of education is difficult to navigate. We have a solution!

 The UR TURN module securely plugs into existing data systems providing enhanced insight to static data and mapping out a pathway associated with personalized goals and outcomes. 

 If students get off track, our smart advising tool alerts students and parents proactively through push-out text and email messages. To give students a shot at "course corrections," UR Turn provides access to research-backed interventions designed to get students back on a pathway to success.

Counselors at Deer River High School, Minnesota

Counselors at Deer River High School, Minnesota

“In a few years, we are going to be asking ourselves how we operated without a product like UR Turn, just like we wonder how we got around before Google maps.”
— High School Counselor