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MApping PATHS for Student Success

Give Students the Guidance to Graduate and Achieve their College and Career Goals

UR Turn provides a student application to set goals and track progress towards them. Common goals are high school graduation and admittance to a two-year or four-year college. UR Turn provides a counselor application to track students and act when intervention is useful. Superintendents and counselors can track student population progress and forecasted graduation rates.

UR Turn uses the data already captured in the school information system along with the goals set by the students with a proprietary algorithm to predict attainment of graduation and post-graduation goals.


Student APP

Each student has an individual, personalized app that holds goals, progress and a tool with which to play What If with the data in order to increase the likelihood of success..


Counseler App

Counselors can view the status of all students, view a single student and engage in What If scenarios to help with providing counsel to a student. The forecast of graduation success for a student is based on data that includes completing the required courses and obtaining the required GPA.


SUPerintendents and PRincipals

Superintendents and principals have the same tool as counselors along with reports showing school-wide or district-wide forecasts for graduation, post-secondary goal attainment and for student and parent engagement with the system.