During your high school years, your community is investing over $40,000 in your future. How can you use that investment to achieve your dreams of college?


Get Your High School Diploma

Ensure that you are taking the courses and getting the grades that will secure your high school diploma. UR Turn provides progress indicators that show that you are on track or that you need to take steps to stay on track for graduation. With UR Turn, you have the data to see where you stand and how to get where you want to go.


Set Your Goal for After High SChool

Whether you want to attend a two-year college or a four-year college, UR Turn provides indicators of the likelihood of achieving your goal.


Play What IFs

UR Turn provides an estimate of how likely you are to achieve a goal, graduation or college, based on your record to date. The What If screen lets you play around with factors like course selection and grades to see the impact on the estimate of success. With the What If capability you can find a path to your goal.