Over 25 years of educational research backs UR TURN technology. Our decision support engine guides students and parents along the educational pathway, one milestone at a time. When off course, we provide research-based guidance toward academic success.  

Our Mission

Every year 4 millions students enter the 9th grade. By the time these same students reach the end of 12th grade only 3 million will graduate. A loss of one million American youth! Of the remaining students, only half will go on to any form of post-secondary education beyond high school --even though research shows that 60% of jobs in the U.S. today require at least a two-year degree.

The UR TURN mission is simple. Provide insight and experience drawn from years of research that students, parents, and counselors can use to keep students on track for high school graduation and beyond. If a student gets off track, our smart advising tool provides access to research-backed interventions designed to get students back on a pathway to success. Our tools and experience transform the traditional electronic grade-book experience into a powerful, data-driven, proactive smart-advisor framework for families and educators.


The Constellation Fund of Minnesota recently conducted an analysis on Benefit-Cost Ratio on our software-as-as-service (SaaS) product for middle school and high school students. Constellation Fund analysts found that the primary outcome associated with the use of the UR Turn app is an increase in the probability of the user graduating from high school, including benefits from improved health associated with higher educational achievement. The additional lifetime earnings of obtaining a high school diploma are nearly $200,000. Employing a conservative assumed program impact of one percent increase in probability of graduation, the benefit per user is approximately $2,000 just from the attainment of a high school diploma. For example, this creates a total potential benefit of $14 million if only 7,000 low-income students are reached. Final conclusion: Purchasers (school districts, taxpayers) see a $339 return for every $1 invested in UR turn. $339:$1 — now that is smart money!