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For Educators and Districts

Support Your Students’ Path to Success


UR Turn takes care of the monitoring so you can do the mentoring.

Our algorithm tracks progress toward goals like graduation and college eligibility, forecasts likelihoods, and alerts you and your student when it’s time for a course correction.

UR Turn color-coded alerts

Increase Attendance, Decrease Dropouts

  • Color-coded alerts caution students about the consequence of high absenteeism

  • Progress visualization encourages a “streak” of engagement

  • Early warning notifications flag missing credits before it is too late

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Support Parent and Student Engagement

  • Boosts overall outcomes by directly involving students in decision-making

  • Keep everyone in the loop with automatic texts and emails

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Track and Forecast Success

  • Track student progress toward high school graduation and post-secondary eligibility

  • View forecasted graduation rates

  • Generate school and district-wide reports

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Deliver Personalized Insights

  • Discover how grades and attendance can impact student goals with the What If Machine

  • Give students insight into their eligibility for high school graduation, two-year and four-year colleges

  • Get notified when a student needs attention and early intervention

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Rely on Smart Software

  • Back up your advice and guidance with research-informed analysis by relying on data

  • Connect to student information systems with a seamless plug-in

  • Transform static numbers into engaging visualization, easy-to-understand insights, and real-time information

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Let a low-cost software solution reduce the burden on school counselors