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Your Map to Success

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It’s UR Turn  

Set goals for graduation and beyond, stay on track to reach them, and celebrate all your victories along the way.

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Own Your Future

  • Set goals for high school graduation and beyond (i.e., eligibility for trade school, two-year and four-year college)

  • We interpret your data and transform it into a visual, at-a-glance dashboard

  • Get personalized tips for reaching your goals

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Explore Possibilities with the What If Machine

  • Discover how actions can improve outcomes

  • Forecast what the future could be like with increased effort

  • Understand the significance of attendance

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Always Know Where You Stand

  • Monitor your data all in one place with the UR Turn at-a-glance dashboard

  • See your status and get clarity about what it takes to hit your goals

  • Get alerted of possible roadblocks and get back on track quickly

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