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Frequently Asked Questions

+ Where does UR Turn get the student data and is it protected?

UR Turn safely plugs into school district-owned student information systems (also known as parent portals). These data points (grades, courses, absenteeism) are collected safely by the parent portal and UR Turn pulls the data into a visualized dashboard using the same protective data practices as the district and the student information system. UR Turn has signed the Student Privacy Pledge, which can be seen on our website.

+ What grade level is UR Turn appropriate for?

UR Turn is used in middle and high school years, from 6th grade to 12th. UR Turn staff works with school staff to help establish appropriate research-informed goals.

+ Is UR Turn accessible on mobile as well as desktop/laptop devices?

Yes, UR Turn is a browser-based app that can be accessed at or through your district’s parent portal or website.

+ Is the use of UR Turn meant to replace the School Counselor or Dean of Students?

No app or software tool can ever replace the important work of human-to-human contact. What UR Turn does offer is supplemental assistance to School Counselors so they are not spending a lot of time doing data analytics and are instead freed up to spend time directly with students. What UR Turn offers students and parents is immediate answers and feedback about progress toward goals, which includes credit tracking, GPA and attendance tracking saving students and parents time in trying to reach a counselor.

+ How much does it cost?

The schools make the UR Turn app free to all middle and high school students and their parents for a cost to the districts of only $5.00 per student per year.


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